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bianca, class of 2018

there's a certain nostalgia that hangs in the air every spring:
graduation season.

for bianca's grad photos, we ran around campus catching that elusive golden hour (while trying to avoid that wind... i'd say we were pretty successful?!)

congrats, bianca!!

allison, class of 2017.

practicing for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

for allison's graduation photos, we were in a race against the sun as the light was quickly disappearing. 

we weren't going to let the sun stop us, though. we even managed to fit in a mock run for that once-in-a-lifetime moment: throwing your cap in the air, of course.

congrats, allison, and it was an honor photographing this milestone!

let the festivities begin.

oh and light? check.

commencement day may indeed be some two weeks away, but who says you can't start celebrating? 

that was certainly the case on this evening, where we ran around taking photos in that late spring sun. 

always an honor to be a part of the celebration!