Hamza Molvi
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design, branding, marketing, photography

From a fourth floor roost

oregon state university honors college | 
2016 - present

the Honors College (HC) at Oregon State University had a problem:
their social media engagement was nearly non-existent

i saw potential and took on the challenge of turning this around. throughout the year - and beyond - that ensued, i made it my task to increase engagement, focusing particularly on the hc instagram. i quickly identified instagram as the platform the HC should be focusing on due to the high engagement on the instagram platform vis a vis other social media platforms, particularly amongst the college student demographic. 

Growth of the Honors College Instagram

Expressed in terms of followers. Follower count, of course, is but one metric for assessing growth and engagement!

i've also worked on increasing engagement on the HC facebook page; after running analytics, i've developed and recommended a new strategy for the HC facebook page.

today, i oversee the HC social media strategy across all channels. 

my largest effort, however, remains on the HC instagram. this is an important platform as there is high engagement amongst HC students on instagram. 

perhaps the largest monumental success of the HC instagram was the introduction of a novel use of the instagram stories feature. noticing that the weekly email filled with opportunities sent to students by the college was just too much to read, i came up with the idea of a daily briefing that contained highlights of the latest news and opportunities that were coming up in the college. 

the HC instagram stories quickly became the most admired part of our instagram amongst students, and across campus. designing these daily morning briefings as they are known required adherence to Oregon State University brand identity guidelines, while utilizing a sub-brand in the HC.  this involves striking a balance! brands, of course, are dynamic, and throughout my work in designing these, guidelines changed at the university level.

these briefings go up first things on the @OSUHonors account every weekday morning (and some non-weekdays) -- hence the "from our fourth floor roost, as the HC offices are on the fourth floor -- and my goal with these (and the entire social media strategy, at that) has always been to be attentive to the audience: striking a personable voice, while at the same time maintaining a tinge of professionalism that is expected from a college.

here's a look at my work on the Honors College at Oregon State University instagram strategy, from identifying branded hashtags, raising awareness of the Instagram presence through a contest (featuring the end-of-contest poster that i developed that was posted throughout spaces in the Honors College) and enlisting Honors College Student Ambassador week-long takeovers, to an example story and posts.


collateral (and an example social media post, below)
promoting the #osuhonorscontest on instagram.

your daily morning briefing
(two posted instagram stories, one on a weekday and a special non-weekday edition)

A typical weekday daily morning briefing posted as an Instagram story to the HC instagram account.

A special edition of the daily morning briefing for the college's spring family weekend event. Note the design encouraging use of Instagram's DM feature for questions. After the "It's Time" slide, live photos and video from the event were uploaded as part of the day's story.

sample instagram posts from the account