Hamza Molvi
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Hamza Molvi
Maker of things.



i make things – it all started when i picked up an oil paint brush (and days later, a camera) at the not-so-young age of ten.


this is what i believe.

the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse... what will your verse be?
— walt whitman, "O me! O Life!"

you know how there are some words in life that stick with you? yeah, those are some for me.
i believe that this life is a powerful play that takes place on a grand stage that is our planet and that we have the ability to contribute a verse.
i'm very much still finding that verse, but it is through creative pursuits that i've gained a better understanding of my verse.

most of all, there's something about creative endeavors that make me feel alive. that energize me to chase that last bit of light and have allowed me to develop that penchant for design.

that make me happy.


here's some stuff i've made.