hello, @OSUHonors

Hello, @OsuHonors.

Seeing potential.

the honors college (hc) at oregon state university had a problem: their social media engagement was low. 
i saw potential and took on the challenge of turning this around. throughout the school year that ensued, i made it my task to increase engagement, focusing particularly on the hc instagram. i quickly identified instagram as the platform the hc should be focusing on due to the high engagement on the instagram platform vis a vis other social media mediums. thus, @OSUHonors was rekindled, and i took on the led to reverse the stagnant ghost town that was the hc instagram at the time into a thriving one. since day zero, i've been overseeing the account through its growing pain.

>250% (AND counting!) growth.

here's a deeper look at my work
into building @OSUHonors:

01 the post

i quickly identified the need to pay attention to voice. in other words, the caption is just as important as the photo itself. quality is defintely more important than quantity! and at that, it was important to remember that the primary demographic was college students, so the voice needed to reflect this in order to build authenticity, and thus meaningful engagement. 

example posts:


Oh hey sun 👋🏻 (Almost forgot how you looked — jk!)

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Rainy Days -- Stay safe out there! ☔️(Also, #GoBeavs!) 🙌🏻 #HCBeMore #BigDreamsEncouraged

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02 branding via hashtags

quickly, i realized that the hc needed official hashtags. after some brainstorming, #HCBemore & #Bigdreamsencouraged were born.

there was only one problem:
How could we get students to use these?

naturally, a giveaway seemed appropriate:

i created a giveaway contest which attracted several entries and promised plenty of hc swag.

additionally, i called upon student ambassadors of the college to takeover the account.

these ambassadors were encouraged to post slices of everyday student life on the hc instagram, while using the tags.


03 your daily morning briefings

perhaps the most monumental in the success of the hc instagram contest was developing a novel use of the instagram story feature. 

the hc stories quickly became the most admired part of our instagram.

here are two example stories.
these go up first thing every weekday morning, with the occasion on non-weekdays:

the work here required adhering to university branding guidelines, while utilizing a sub-brand of the hc. this involves striking a balance! brands are dynamic, and guidelines changed over the course of the year, thus the difference.

250+% Growth and counting.

expressed in terms of following. of course, follower count is but one metric for assessing growth and engagement!

today, the @OSUHonors instagram is thriving – progress has been made, but there's always room for improvement!