This is Me

this is me.

Hamza...OMG the pictures are sooo good! You are so talented!!!
I am definitely gonna recommend you to everyone I know and I will...ask for your help with ALL future occasions! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I am STUNNED.
— S.B.

hello, i'm hamza.

i'm an award-winning photographer & design afficanado with a penchant for natural light and simplicity.

it all started at the age of ten, when I picked up by first camera. i immediately fell in love with the medium. 

perhaps it was the shard of nostalgia captured by an image, an almost protest to the one-way forward continuation of time itself.

such an observation was validated just days later from picking up my first camera, when i printed my very first photographs on some heavy-weight letter paper (i couldn't wait!) on a hp inkjet printer.

those photos may have been blurry and rather grainy (they were from a three megapixel point-and-shoot camera after all), but i excitedly captioned them in a serif font and showed them to however i could find.

that was the beginning.

i'm often asked about the camera i use (i currently use a nikon d750 and an iPhone 6 -- yes an iPhone! -- both of which produced a majority of the work you see here), but in the end, it really isn't about the camera you have.

oh, and side note: @snappylens is me; a juxtaposition of two components constituting any scene in our world: the amount of time passed (the shutter speed on the camera), and what we perceive through our eyes (the lens on the camera). snappylens is my not-so-secret pseudonym.

a lot may have changed since those days nearly a decade ago (!), such as the proliferation of smartphone cameras and an infinite amount of photographic gear available, but i find that photography isn't about the gear (nor is it about the followers, or any other metric): instead, i strongly believe that photography is about capturing the quintessence of the moment, a single slice of every day, which in itself is a snapshot of our ever-changing world.

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