Hamza Molvi
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hi, i'm hamza.


This is me.

i'm a photographer and designer.

i'm often found chasing that last bit of light and enjoy solving problems through design.

i'm a student in the Honors College at Oregon State University, where i'm pursuing double Honors degrees in Marketing & Business Info. Systems (anticipated spring 2019). there, i'm also a designer, where in addition to growing a social media account nine-fold, i've implemented a new brand and ensured its integrity through projects such as the redesign of a college's annual magazine as well as the the entire suite of collateral for prospective students and various event promotional collateral.

the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse... what will your verse be?
— walt whitman, "O Me! O Life!"

you know how there are some words in life that stick with you? yeah, those are some for me.

i believe that this life is a powerful play that takes place on a grand stage that is our planet and that we have the ability to contribute a verse.

i'm very much still finding that verse, but it is through creative pursuits that i've gained a better understanding of my verse.

most of all, there's something about creative endeavors that make me feel alive.

that make me happy.